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What is covered by a comprehensive interior design and what is its scope?

Our interior design covers the folowing work items:


1. Inventorying

Measurement of interiors at the investor’s site

2. Conceptual design

We commence the project with a conceptual design covering the functional layout of your interiors. It is based on the agreed conceptual design that we develop its final form.

3.  Visualization of all rooms

Our photorealistic visualizations facilitate the customers’ decisions on the ultimate appearance of their dream house. We send high-resolution visualizations by e-mail and we provide printouts upon completion.

4. Listing of materials and furniture applied in visualizations and cost control

As part of a comprehensive interior design, we provide a detailed listing of materials (e.g. furniture, luminaires, sanitary appliances as well as other elements designed for a particular interior), covering the required information such as the name of a product, the address of a store with the product on stock and the quantities needed to carry out the project (amount of tiles, wallpapers, floorings, etc.). During customers meetings in our studio, we demonstrate available finishing materials (tiles, floorings, upholstery, wallpapers, paint colors, etc.). At our customers’ request, we also price all the elements ordered individually, e.g. custom and tailor-made furniture, including upholstered furniture, glass furnishings, stone counters, etc. We provide the pricing based on tested companies cooperating with us.

5. Order preparation

Our comprehensive design does not cover the service of purchase of presented goods; however, the detailed listing of materials with contact details makes it possible to go through this stage swiftly. At the customer’s request, we can facilitate the preparation of orders with the companies that we cooperate with.

6. Detailed design
The detailed design covers a listing of materials and furniture along with shop location and pricing, as well as technical specifications for the refurbishment team, which is required to carry out the project according to our vision.

7. Pricing of finishing works

We recommend the cooperation with our refurbishment team as well as our proven professionals, as this reduces to a minimum the risk of work with unreliable contractors and the related problems that may arise during project implementation

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