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Comprehensive design

  • Design of private interiors

apartment, house, bathroom, kitchen, hall, bedroom, stairs, chimney

  • Design of public interiors

office, restaurant, hairdressing salon

  • Online design service


What is covered by a comprehensive design and what is its scope?

Our comprehensive design covers everything that is required for convenient and troublefree implementation:

  • 3D visualizations with the possibility of revisions, which apart from a printout of the complete designs are sent in high resolution by e-mail
  • Drawings of ceilings including lighting
  • Layouts of all walls (arrangement of wallpapers, tiles, etc.)
  • Detail drawings of floors
  • Designs of custom furniture (kitchens, etc.)
  • Detailed designs of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Designs of additional partition walls, plasterboards
  • Plumbing, electrical installations

The printout of the complete project, apart from technical drawings, also includes visualizations which are a perfect supplement for the design documentation for the contractor, facilitating the end result presented in the visualizations.

Pricing of finishing works at a customer’s request.

A detail of a comprehensive interior design project is published on our blog:


We are able to carry out remote on-line projects in any city in Poland. In order to order an on-line design from the Good Interiors Academy:

  1. please send us either floor plans of the building or a link to a website with the final design of the house or the developer’s website. If you do not have floor plans, please give us the area of each room (e.g. kitchen 22 sq. m, bathroom 14 sq. m, etc.)
  2. please define roughly what style you prefer (modern, traditional)
  3. after receiving this information, we will be sending you pricing details and contacting you so as to discuss the details relating to your expectations

Please send your order to the address below:

The cost of an on-line design: starting from €40/sq. m

Project stages

  1. Signing of contract
  2. Inventorying
    Measurements of rooms on site, photo documentation, thorough interview about an investor’s needs
  3. Conceptual design
    The first stage of design work is the development of a concept. The conceptual design covers layouts with proposed partition walls and arrangement of furniture, appliances and sanitary facilities. Based on the selected conceptual design, we develop its final form.
  4. Visualization of interiors
    The preparation of the conceptual design enables another stage – that is, the development of visualization. This is the part most expected by customers; therefore, we take great care to make sure that visualizations are as much photo-realistic as possible and reflect accurately what we have designed and what the interiors will look like on completion.
  5. Detailed design
    The detailed design covers a listing of materials and furniture along with shop location and pricing, as well as technical specifications for the refurbishment team, which is required to carry out the project according to our vision.
  6. Pricing of finishing works

We recommend the cooperation with our refurbishment team as well as our proven professionals, as this reduces to a minimum the risk of work with unreliable contractors and the related problems that may arise during project implementation.


JIf you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Contact us by going to the "Contact" tab.

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JIf you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Contact us by going to the "Contact" tab.